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Don’t Worry; It’s Only the End of the World

Even after the apocalypse, standards have to be maintained.

A post-apocalyptic British sitcom podcast, inspired by shows like 'The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy' and the 'Fallout' games. A small band of survivors take their lives into their hands to cross a dangerous wasteland, all to complain that one woman's recycling hasn't been taken away. On the way, they'll meet everyone from the Roman gods to men in giant robotic exo-suits – and Toffee the rabbit.

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Regular Cast

  • The Narrator: Alfie Shaw
  • Owen: Joe McCarthy
  • Summer: Eva Marie Wilshere
  • Betty: Sarah Iles
  • Badger: Ade Foiadelli
  • Death: Chrissie Grech


  • Writer: Alfie Shaw
  • Directors: Alfie Shaw and Tom Rees-Williams
  • Script Editor: Tom Rees-Williams
  • Editor: Jack Webber (with Foley assistance from Vicky Whitehead)
  • Music: composed by Tom Dawkins and produced by Joseph Murray
  • Artwork: Leena Zaheer (additional poster design by Jack Webber)
  • Executive Producers: Jack Webber and Sean Coburn


  • Alan Millard
  • Anne Peterson
  • Benjamin Fox
  • Carmen Lebar
  • Chaitan Joshi
  • Chris Grigg
  • Chris Quinn Schone
  • Claire Hodges
  • David Rees
  • David Rogers
  • David W. Weaver
  • Gary Wareham
  • Graham Ball
  • Ian Campbell
  • Jacob Walker
  • James Aloysius-Gass
  • James Hunt
  • James McNally
  • James Shipp
  • Jane Simmonds
  • Jared MacAdam
  • Jill & Gordon Johnson
  • Jo Breeze
  • Kelly Kow
  • Linz Jackson-Kay
  • Lonny Coyne
  • Louisa Marchant
  • Matt Farbrace
  • Max Evans
  • Melanie Graeser
  • Michael Prior
  • Nancy Ellicott
  • Oliver Reynolds
  • Phantoms Siren
  • Philippa
  • Rachel Hart
  • Rhys
  • Sean Coburn
  • Siân Lloyd-Wiggins
  • Sophie Shaw
  • Stu Whittaker
  • Timothy S
  • Tora Huston
  • Victor Morgan
  • Vincent Whittaker